Balsamico Tradizionale Di Modena, is imported from Modena, Italy and is bottled under strict controls by the personnel of the Consortium.  The grades given by the Consortium are a guarantee of a minimum level of quality and allowed to use the nomination D.o.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta europea) which signifies the region in which they are made.  

This particular balsamic has two grades.  Those aged a minimum of 12 years is called the 'Vecchio', or "old" and those aged more than 25 years, are called 'Extra Vecchio' or "very old."  These rare vinegars come in hand blown 100 ml bottles with the designation of being imported from Modena, Italy.

This Extra Vecchio vinegar has a think viscosity which is used as an after dinner delicacy to be sipped or drizzled on dessert.   You will notice the subtle flavor of sun-dried plums and dried herbs, with a sweet, slightly tannic finish.

Acetum Balsamic Traditional Extra Vecchio Vinegar

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