Tenuta Margherita has been producing extra-fine Carnaroli rice in the Vercelli area of Italy for over a century.

The company looks after the entire production chain; from the cultivation of grains in the paddy field, to the processing in the rice mill that is performed with stone husking machines. Thanks to this procedure, the transformation of raw wholegrain rice to white rice keeps its’ amber color, firmness, and even surface.

The product stays firm during cooking; the rice’s aroma and taste are the perfect match for simple ingredients. This risotto carries the earthy, woodsy taste of rich porcini mushrooms.

Ingredients: superfine Carnaroli rice (92%), Procini mushroom broth without glutamate (salt, potato flour, yeast extract, potato maltodexrin, dried porcini mushrooms (7%), dehydrated vegetable (onion, carrot, and garlic), sunflower oil, flavours, peppers), dried porcini mushrooms (2%), onion, garlic, parsley.

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Tenuta Margherita Porcini Mushrooms Risotto - 8.8oz.

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