NEW PRODUCT ALERT!! Uluwehi's delicious slightly sweet and tart blended salad vinegar! It's a blend of our raw pineapple and raw honey vinegar infused with lemons and local basil.  

From the makers of Vintage Vinegars-Raw Pineapple Vinegars:

The Vintage Vinegar is a raw pineapple vinegar made from is made from 100% fermented pineapple.  The fresh pineapple fruit is fermented for 12-16 weeks to get the proper levels of acetic acid. During this process, the natural sugars are fully metabolized which is a part of the process that turns it into vinegar and also takes away the sweetness we often associate with the fresh fruit.  There are several wonderful things to use this healthy vinegar for such as pickling, salads, and a mixer in cocktails as well. 

Vintage Vinegars was conceived when the founders were learning about the benefits of probiotics and bromelain while enrolled in a Health Coaching certification program.  Their 'Raw Pineapple Vinegar' is steel cast, small batch, locally sourced and produced on Oahu, Hawaii.

You can drink it straight or mix in a tonic or cocktail.  Use in pickling by packing a jar with sliced fruit or veggies, add 1-2 tsp of salt and top with raw pineapple vinegar. Let it rest in the fridge overnight or longer depending on your taste.

The fat digesting enzyme, bromelain, found in pineapples makes this vinegar an excellent tenderizer. Incorporate it in a marinade to help make your BBQ or Roast even more delectable.

Vintage Vinegar Uluwehi's Salad Vinegar - 8.5oz

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