The Tunisian Pepper, called Baklouti, is the traditional pepper from the North African country of Tunisia.  The peppers are sweet with a very mild heat, and are a favored cooking pepper in the Barbary Coast of North Africa.

Drizzle this oil over some couscous, grits, shrimp etouffee, over your roasted or mashed potatoes, soups, ramen, or anything you want to add a nice, green chili flavor too.  

Add to cheddar cheese cornbread, black bean dip, your BBQ sauce, in salsa, or spicy hummus

Great addition to Latin and Cajun cuisines.

Mix into a Bloody Mary for a morning treat. 

Pairs well with mangos, peaches, cilantro, cumin, black beans, onions, pinto beans, tomatoes, garlic, cotija cheese, shrimp, avocado, beef, and chicken.

Green Chili Flavored Olive Oil

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