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HLTHPunk brings us this all-natural, organic, and vegan 'impossibly awesome secret sauce’.  This plant based secret sauce can be used on just about everything.  From burgers and wings, to salads and greens, this sauce will knock your socks off from impossible to beyond!  
Made with a combination of HLTHPunk ultra healthy Bionnaise vegan mayo, Hot Dijon Mustard, Tomato paste and a dash of cayenne, this plant based secret sauce is chock full of superfoods and nutrition.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, oat milk (water, oats), tomato, mustard, vinegar, date syrup, onion, garlic, pea protein, sea salt, maca, turmeric, cayenne, black salt, asofeotida, lemon juice concentrate, acerola, ashwagandha, carrot juice concentrate, white pepper.

HLTHPUNK Impossibly Awesome UFO Sauce - 5.3 oz.
$8.76 $10.95

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