$14.76 $18.45

This is a very fresh tasting, complex Koroneiki oil with both ripe fruit and leafy green flavors.  It is very fruity with the aroma and taste of ripe banana and the spiciness of green banana.  The balance is perfect, with high pungency, high fruitiness, and medium bitterness.  It has a full mouthfeel and herbal aftertaste.

This medium EVOO works well with poultry, with bitter greens, fresh pasta, soft cheeses, pizza, and heartier fishes.

Medium/Robust Intensity

Polyphenols: 449
FFA: 0.10%
Oleic Acid: 76.3%

Crush Date: May 2021

Koroneiki Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Chile
$14.76 $18.45

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