Our producers combined dazzlingly aromatic Italian black winter truffles with our 18 Year, Traditional Style Dark Balsamic base to create this elegant, sweet, and earthy vinegar. 

Use as a marinade for chicken or beef before roasting, braising, or grilling.

Reduce and then use to glaze oven-roasted carrots or butternut squash.

Combine with a mild or medium premium EVOO to dress mixed greens served with pan seared scallops.

Drizzle over oven roasted brussel sprouts. Or mashed potatoes.  Use to finish ravioli or mushroom risotto.

Pairs well with steak, potatoes, French fries, popcorn, pasta, pizza, spinach, honey, risotto, parmesan, lamb, portabella mushrooms, oregano, and deviled eggs.

Black Truffle Balsamic Vinegar

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