This is great, medium intensity Frantoio oil with strong pungency and the typical fresh-cut-grassy flavor of the variety.   The intensity of the fruitiness is very high while bitterness is low, so the balance is just perfect.  The flavor persists with a nice herbal, green apple, mint, cinnamon, black pepper, and chili pepper finish.

This oil is easy to use in a variety of applications.  Perfect use as an all purpose cooking oil or enjoy as a finishing oil.  Great on salads, roasted veggies, fish, poultry, pork, pasta, on hearty fall soups, or with dipping bread.

Medium Intensity

Polyphenols: 576
FFA: 0.27%
Oleic Acid: 70.1%

Crush Date: May2023

*Kosher Certified - Orthodox Union

Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Peru

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