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Jalapeno Balsamic Vinegar

Slightly sweet, spicy and tart, like you would expect from this chili-infused condiment. Use this balsamic vinegar to spice up your marinades, ceviche, and salsa. 

Great marinade for grilling steak, chicken, or fish. Use in coleslaw to top your fish tacos. Mix into your salsa or guacamole for a nice tart, spicy bite.

Add to your favorite BBQ or spicy sauce recipe, instead of your plain white vinegar, to enhance its depth and flavor. You will not be disappointed!

Pairs well with steak, avocado, cilantro, mango, lime, garlic, cumin, shrimp, fish, chipotle, beans, bell peppers, chicken, corn, onions, oregano, and radishes.

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