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Manzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Australia

Olive oil has been produced in Australia since the 1800’s and due to their high standards and excellent qualities, they have made a splash on the international scene.  Today, Australia produces just over 5 million gallons a year, which is less than 1% of the worlds production, but the oil that they produce is considered exceptional by many. 

A moderately pungent example of Manzanillo. The olive fruit was picked green producing a fantastic balance between sweet fruit aromas with green tropical fruits of melon and grass.

This varietal is a nice balance of creaminess up front with a nice peppery finish on the back end.  This EVOO could be used for just about anything due to its balance and flavor.

This oil was crushed in May 2017.

Polyphenols: 337
FFA: 0.17
Oleic Acid: 76.2

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