Merquen (also known as merken) is a Chilean ground mixture of dried and smoked aji cacho de cabra (goat's horn red pepper) seasoned with cumin, coriander seeds and salt. Produced by the indigenous Mapuche families of Chile, it is now one of the most favored Latin spices in the gourmet culinary world. This paprika-like blend adds a warm depth, intense smoky flavor, and a fragrant aroma to everything from soups and dips to meat rubs and vegetables. This exotic and versatile seasoning has been embraced by many national and international chefs for use in new and exciting cuisines. Merquen has been highlighted in Fine Cooking, Men's Health and The L.A. Times.

Use this versatile seasoning for any meats, seafood, cheese, soups, etc.  Try adding a dash on your next avocado toast or baked cheese bread.

Ingredients: Chili (smoked goat horn chilis), salt, dehydrated coriander seeds, cumin.

Merquen Smoked Chili Spice - 1oz.

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