The Marella family, from the Bari province in southern Italy, uses only artisanal production methods, with a long drying process.  They dry long and slow for up to 72 hours which allows their pasta to have a greater absorption of the seasonings and sauces, which they say eliminates the sense of heaviness you feel after eating pasta.  Foglie D'ulivo is a variety of handmade pasta made in the shape of olive leaves and the green color comes from their spinach flavor.  Try it with a lemon, butter, herb sauce or a light cream sauce to truly appreciate its wonderful flavor.

Ingredients: Organic Durum Wheat, Water, Spinach.

(17.6 oz / 500g, Product of Italy)

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Organic Olive Leaf Pasta "Foglie D'ulivo" by Marella - 500gr (1.1lbs)

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