This EVOO won Gold in the New York Olive Oil Competition and Silver in the Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition.

This green Picual is nicely balanced with intensive fruitiness medium bitterness, and medium pungency. It is complex with some light, but surprising ripe tropical fruit flavors along with some nuttiness and butteriness.

This oil also has what is expected in a green Picual; tomato leaf, green banana, and artichoke, with a black pepper finish.

This oil has a nice persistent bitterness with a lingering pungency on the back end.  Great with cheeses, roasted vegetables, or fish.

Medium Intensity

Polyphenols: 270
FFA: 0.10
Oleic Acid: 76.6

Crush Date: October 2019

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spain (Award Winner)

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