The process starts with pure Sea Salt flakes harvested from Cornish seawater. The seawater is filtered to remove impurities and gently heated to form the salt flakes. It is then expertly blended with highest quality European Black Truffle (Tuber Aestivum). These delicate mineral-rich salt flakes were selected because of their unique hit on the palette which quickly withdraws and then enhances the flavor of the Black Truffle.

What does it taste like?

The flakes are delicate in texture, with a subtle black truffle aroma. Expect a mineral-rich salty hit, followed by an earthy black truffle flavor.

How should I use it?

Use to complement and transform any dish. The salt flakes melt much quicker than traditional salt crystals, making them particularly good in marinades or rubs.


Ingredients: Cornish Sea Salt (95%), Black Truffle (1%), Truffle flavor.

Truffle Hunter Flaked Black Truffle Sea Salt

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