Arbosana is a unique variety originally from Northern Spain.  This  is a medium intensity oil with a lot of different flavors.

This exceptional Arbosana is a very interesting and complex, delicate oil with a notable flowery aroma characteristic of this uncommon variety. This early harvest oil is very unique, spicy, herbal with confectionary nuttiness and chocolate complemented by sweet fruity flavors with a hint of cinnamon. This distinctive EVOO is well balanced, satisfying, and full bodied.​

Pair this oil with delicate salads,  beans, simple  pastas, light fish or chicken, popcorn, or as a finishing oil for avocado toast. Great for all-purpose cooking.

Medium Intensity

Polyphenols: 275
FFA: 0.34%
Oleic Acid: 73.76%

Crush Date: November 2023

*Kosher Certified

Arbosana Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spain

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