Food Pairings with Olive Oil

Food Pairings with Olive Oil

When choosing an olive oil, you want to consider whether you want to complement similar flavor profiles and intensities to layer flavors or contrast for more texture and pungency in a dish.  Use this general guide to help choose the right oil for the job.

Mild Intensity

Steamed or raw fish, shellfish, scrambles eggs, aioli/mayonnaise, popcorn, mild greens, fine herbs, mild vegetables and tubers, mild cheese, and bitter flavors


Medium Intensity

Roast vegetables, dipping, fresh herbs, fresh pasta, pizza, heartier fish, poultry/lighter proteins, stronger greens- ie.arugula, soft cheese, pastry, and ice cream


Robust Intensity

Beef/grilled meats, lamb, pasta sauce, bold cheeses, bitter greens, broccoli rabe, garlic, resinous herbs, fattiness, umami, caramelization, smoke, and dark chocolate

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