*Note: only small size is currently on sale 

Truffle Hunter starts with an authentic Dijon mustard produced in Dijon, France. This mustard was selected for it’s mild heat & extremely high-quality ingredients.  Whole mustard seeds are crushed and cold blended with the rest of the ingredients to ensure the delicate flavors & aromas are not damaged. The mustard is then expertly infused with highest quality European Black Truffles (Tuber Aestivum).  This truffle mustard is designed for everyday luxury, so spread it on everything.  It is perfect for adding depth to burgers and sausages, charcuterie, or creating gourmet salad dressings.

Ingredients:  Mustard Seeds, Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Black Truffles (4.6%), Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Acetic Acid, Water, Black Truffle Flavoring

Truffle Hunter Black Truffle Mustard

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