This is one of the finest Frantoio olive oils I have ever tasted! The aroma has nuanced floral overtones and ample fresh-cut-grass. The mouthfeel is of medium-robust intensity with strong pungency, moderate bitterness, and extreme fruitiness.  The oil has many complexities including mild ripe fruit flavors of apple, butter, and nuttiness that balance the spicy green herbal flavors of green grass, artichoke, green apple, mint, cinnamon, and black pepper.  Simply fabulous!

This is a lovely oil to use for all purpose cooking and as a finishing oil.  Perfect for dinner salads, cooking poultry, pork, and hearty fish, as well as pasta and roast veggies.

Medium Intensity

Polyphenols: 280
FFA: 0.19%
Peroxides: 7.61

Crush Date: May 2023

*Kosher Certified- Orthodox Union

Frantoio Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - South Africa

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