This Coratina is a dream for the robust oil lover. It has captured the robust, herbal flavors of the variety from early harvested fruit. The aroma is like smelling a bouquet of freshly picked culinary herbs. The oil’s balance is perfect, with extremely high fruitiness and pungency that complements its notable bitterness. This Coratina’s flavor includes a complex, full-bodied feel and taste from the slightly nutty and buttery undertones. The dominating flavors are robust and include herbal grass, green tea, olive leaf, nettle, mint, cinnamon, and chili pepper with a lovely, persistent finish of black pepper and chili peppers.

Use this robust EVOO with bold flavors, as a finishing oil for pastas and grilled foods, and bold cheeses.

Pair this oil with beef, lamb, bold cheeses, dark chocolate, pasta sauces, or caramelized foods.  It stands up well to garlic and smokey flavors.

*Recent price increase due to producer price increase.

Robust Intensity

Polyphenols: 610
FFA: 0.13%
Oleic Acid: 75.98%

Crush Date: November 2023

*Kosher Certified

Coratina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Italy

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