This is a fantastic fresh oil from a historical variety in Peru called Criolla.  The fruit for this oil was harvested at perfect maturity creating an extremely complex oil with a wonderful floral aroma of fresh tropical fruit.  Its balance is perfect with some bitterness, significant pungency, and strong fruitiness. This oil has many ripe and green fruit flavors. It is nutty, buttery, tropical, and citrusy – along with herbal flavors of green apple, artichoke, mint, cinnamon, and black pepper.  The finish is very fresh and lingering.

Pair this oil with beef, lamb, bold cheeses, dark chocolate, pasta sauces, or caramelized foods.  It stands up well to garlic and smokey flavors.

Robust Intensity

Polyphenols: 688
FFA: 0.22%
Peroxides: 5.8

Crush Date: May 2023

*Kosher Certified- Orthodox Union

Criolla Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Peru

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