This robust-intensity Hojiblanca has a complex, leafy, herbaceous aroma and balanced flavors typical of early-harvested Hojiblanca. The taste is predominantly herbal and leafy nettle with green tea, mint, and black pepper notes. The finish is delightful and lingering. This oil tastes fresh, and its fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency balance is perfect.​

Great with for flavorful salads, avocado toast, grilled fish, pork and poultry, and as a finishing oil to bring a burst of freshness to your plate!

Robust Intensity

Polyphenols: 457
FFA: 0.1%
Oleic Acid: 75.31%

Crush Date: November 2023

*Kosher Certified - Orthodox Union

Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Spain

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