Watermelon Cooler - (Shrub)

Watermelon Cooler - (Shrub)

 Makes 1 delicious beverage


4oz. seltzer water

1oz. island olive oil Watermelon white balsamic

4oz. ice

2-3 1”cubed watermelon, and little watermelon wedge for garnish

2-3 mint leaves for muddling


Muddle the watermelon and mint in the bottom of a pretty glass.  Add in watermelon white balsamic, seltzer water and ice cubes.  Add watermelon slice for garnish.  Alcohol Optional Version: Deliciously refreshing spiked with vodka.

About This Recipe

A shrub is also known as a drinking vinegar which has actually been around for a very long time. It was originally a way of preserving fruit. It’s usually made with apple cider vinegar, fruit and sweetened with sugar and becomes a sweet and sour syrup, but our traditionally made balsamic fruit flavored vinegars are an easy probiotic option without the addition of sugar.  A generous splash can be diluted with seltzer water, and can be spiked with a spirit so it’s a perfect alcohol-optional beverage. You can add another layer of flavor with a flavored seltzer water.  Try using this recipe with different fruits, herbs and vinegars like:

Peaches and basil with our peach white balsamic

Blackberries and ginger with our blackberry ginger dark balsamic

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